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      gratis Roulette Nol dan Nol Ganda

      Situated in the beautiful Peace River region of Alberta we raise and sell registered purebred Angus Cattle to sell as seedstock. We are Angus enthusiasts as the breed has come a long way, we can now hit all our targets within the Black Angus gene pool.

      We run approximately 1,000 cows and are no strangers to a variety of different breeds of cattle and their respective performances in a commercial setting. We still have a lot of exotic and Angus-crossed cows in our commercial herd, but the type and kind of Angus cattle that we have been breeding are outperforming our exotic and Angus-crossed cattle at contributing more to the bottom line. Can we say that all Angus cattle can do that? The answer is not simple. With the breed as big and diverse as it is, there is plenty of versatility and variety today.

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